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We few, we happy few, we band of brothers...

Three: the Most Important Number in your Writing

Flashback to October 1996. Soon-to-be-Prime-Minister Tony Blair is delivering his speech at the Labour Conference. And says: Ask me my three main priorities for Government and I tell you, education, education, education. It’s an echo of one of … Read More

Bad Grammar

Ten Grammar Mistakes You Don’t Need to Make

Everyone makes mistakes with their grammar. Even after years of writing and millions of words, I still find myself checking things. But if you’re writing copy for your website, grammar and spelling are important. As far back as 2011 the BBC had an … Read More

Blogging Book Cover 1

The Blogging Book

I started writing my ‘Best Dad’ newspaper column/blog in 2003. My longest running business blog for a client started in 2010. Both of them have been published every week without fail. Throw in other blogs for other clients, add a few speeches and … Read More

This what you should expect to see...

What’s a Reading Ease Score?

...And why is it so important for your blog and your website? The idea of a reading ease score is very simple – it’s a numerical value, showing how easy your writing is to read. The one I use – and the one that’s probably most commonly used is the … Read More

Speaking at the TBU Conference in Rotterdam: May 2014


“Mark’s contribution has been invaluable. He’s an excellent writer but more importantly he brings a depth of thinking based on years of experience. He is also a pleasure to work with – collaborative, flexible, (and) resolute”
Mark ScantleburyManaging Partner