Three: the Most Important Number in your Writing

Flashback to October 1996. Soon-to-be-Prime-Minister Tony Blair is delivering his speech at the Labour Conference. And says: Ask me my three main priorities for Government and I tell you, education, education, education. It’s an echo of one of the most famous quotes to come out of the business world: Conrad Hilton’s ‘location, location, location.’ There’s a rapturous round of applause: several members of the audience go misty-eyed and – … [Read more...]

What’s a Reading Ease Score?

...And why is it so important for your blog and your website? The idea of a reading ease score is very simple – it’s a numerical value, showing how easy your writing is to read. The one I use – and the one that’s probably most commonly used is the Flesch Reading Ease test. It gives every piece of writing a score between 0 and 120: the higher the score, the easier it is to read. An article in the Harvard Law Review would generally score in … [Read more...]