Ask me what I most like to write and the answer is simple: a speech.

I love the simplicity of a speech. No props, no-one else to rely on. Just you, the audience and the microphone.

Over the coming months I’ll write a series of blog posts on speeches. Things you definitely should do – and things you definitely shouldn’t. Giving a good speech isn’t easy – but it’s not impossible.

To begin with, you need two things. A good, well-written speech – and practice.

Speechwriting is a sadly undervalued art in the UK. Far too many people write a few notes the night before and then try to wing it.

If that’s what you want, fair enough. If you want to do significantly better, then get in touch with me.

I’ll write your speech for you. I’ll get to know you; and get to know your audience.

Your speech will make the points you want making. It will be memorable: people will shake your hand afterwards, not scuttle for the exits. It can be funny, emotional, motivational, inspiring – anything you want or need.

I can do one of three things for you:

  • Write the speech, send it to you and wish you luck
  • Write the speech, send it you – and also send you a recording of me giving the speech. That way, you’ll hear where the pauses and the emphasis should go (or where I think they should go…) You’ll also have a recording that you can play in the car or on your phone – which I think is one of the best ways to learn a speech.
  • Finally, there’s the full English. I write the speech and coach you on how to deliver it. Rest assured this will be hard work – but you’ll deliver a stunning speech.