The Blogging Book

I started writing my ‘Best Dad’ newspaper column/blog in 2003. My longest running business blog for a client started in 2010. Both of them have been published every week without fail. Throw in other blogs for other clients, add a few speeches and it’s close to a million words. Maybe it’s time to boil that down to around 20,000. The Business Blogging Book will be published in September. It will contain everything I know about how to write a … [Read more...]

Could Bad Grammar Cost the Election?

Does it matter that a parliamentary candidate doesn’t know the possessive apostrophe should be used for a measurement of time? Well, as far my vote is concerned, yes it does. Home from work yesterday and two election leaflets are lying on the mat. One – national – from UKIP: the other – local – from the Conservatives. Let’s see what they have to say. UKIP first… Sam – the candidate whose picture seems to suggest that his underpants are … [Read more...]