Training and Coaching

The training and coaching side of SimpleWords breaks down into three:

First of all I work with companies and organisations to develop and implement their social media strategies – helping them to tell the story their clients want to hear. The great majority of companies don’t understand the difference between what they want to write and what their clients want to read. That difference is significant – and profitable.

Secondly I run training courses on blogging and Twitter. These are full day courses, designed to give individuals and SMEs an insight into how they can make these two channels work effectively for them. At the moment the courses take place at my office in Woodend, but over the coming months I’ll be delivering them in centres throughout the UK.

Finally, I work with a small number of bloggers an individual basis, helping them to develop their blogs, create a unique ‘voice’ and become a better writer. And over the course of the next 12 months I’ll develop this training into an online course.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of SimpleWords’ coaching or training then get in touch and let’s talk.