Regular Content


Producing regular content – for blogs and social media – is the key focus of SimpleWords. I also write one-off copy for websites, reports, white papers, landing pages and anything else you can think of: these details are on the copywriting page.

I started working with my longest standing client in 2010. He’s a business coach/management consultant: back then he’d just left the secure embrace of a large company to build his own business. He wanted a regular blog as part of his marketing: but he knew that he didn’t have the skill – and wouldn’t have the time – to write it himself.

“No problem,” I said – and started writing.

Had he said to me, “I’d like you to write something every week for five years” I might have had second thoughts. Five years? 250 blog posts?

And yet that’s what we’re up to. 250 posts and approaching 175,000 words. And next Spring we’re publishing a book based on the blog.

What have I learned from five years of writing for my client? Three key points:

Social media content – whether it’s a blog, an entry on Facebook or posting some tweets – isn’t a short term solution. If you think you’re going to write a blog on Friday and have a queue of people outside your door on Monday, you’re not. Blogging, especially, is a long term commitment and you need to be prepared for that.

Consistency is key. That means consistency of your ‘voice,’ consistency of content and quality and – above all – consistency of delivery. My client’s blog is updated every Friday at 9am. Number of deadlines missed in five years – nil. If your blog is good enough people will look forward to reading it, exactly like a newspaper. And it’s called the Sunday Times: not the When-I-can-be-bothered Times.

If your content is good – and consistently delivered – then in the long run it will absolutely pay off. It’ll pay off in two ways – analytically (money) and anecdotally (your reputation). About 18 months ago my client took a phone call. “Hello,” a voice said. “You don’t know me but I’ve been reading your blog every week for a year. My business turns over £15m a year. I think you could help me.” All the clients that I supply with regular content (and no, they’re not all management consultants) have had a call like that.

Regular contents works: if you’d like to talk about it – whether it’s working out a strategy for you to generate content yourself, or me writing it for you – then don’t hesitate to get in touch.